The National Begonia Society


Judges: A MacDougall and J Evans

The North West Area Show 

Class 134  Individual Championship  6 Pots of Tuberous Double Begonias
"The John Wilding Trophy"
No entries

Class 135   Small Group (Restricted Pots) of Tuberous Double Begonias
The "Blackmore & Langdon Trophy"
1st –B Walker
Ice Mint, Ziggy x 2, Jessie Cruikshank, Powder Puff, George Mc Cormick
2nd –C Walker
Whispers, Isobel Keenan, Daisy Trinder, Fair Maid of Perth, Tigger x 2

                 Class 136   Three Pots of Tuberous Double Begonias
1st – B Walker
Sweet Dreams, Ziggy, Mrs E McLauchlan
2nd – J Rawcliffe
Ice Mint, Ziggy, George Tatton


Class 137   One Pot of Tuberous Double Begonias
1st – R Bryce
Mrs E McLauchlan (Best Pot in Show)
2nd – B Walker
Vera Coates
3rd. J Rawcliffe
Vera Coates

Class 138   One Hanging Basket/Pot
1st – J Rawcliffe
2nd –P Sourbutts
3rd – P Walker
Bon Bon Cherry

Class 139   One Pot Non Tuberous
1st – Pam Croll
China Curl
2nd – Mrs A Walker
Not Named
3rd – T Croll
Not named

Class 140   Two Pots, no greater than 3 litres
1st – C Walker
Mrs E McLauchlan and Curly Fireflush
2nd –Mrs P Croll
Whispers and Not named
3rd – R Bryce
Whispers and unknown

Class 141  Group of Begonias in Pots - not more than 20 pots, not less than 15 pots
The "George Jackson" Trophy
1st  -  C Walker
Tequila Sunrise, Fred Martin, Ice Mint, I Keenan x2, Daisy Trinder x 2, party Dress, Gypsy, Tigger x 2, Fair Maid x 2, Jennifer Wilson, Whispers, Billie Langdon, Sugar Candy, Mrs E Mc Lauchlan, Fairylight, Lindsey Murray
2nd - T Croll
Sugar Candy x 2, Fred Martin x 2, G Mc Cormick, T   Sunrise, Whispers, City of Ballaraat, Mrs E McLauchlan x 3,Peach Melba, Sylvia Johnson x 2, FMOP x 2, Dr E Catterall, Can Can, Jessie Cruikshank

Class 142   Twelve Cut Blooms of Tuberous Double Begonias
The "Neville Webb Trophy"
1st  - R Bryce
Colin Hamilton, Lindsay Smith (Best White), Ruby young, Dr Sparky, Missy, Powder Puff, Falstaff, Burnout, Charlotte, Moira Callan, Tequila Sunrise (Best Orange) Powder Puff (Best Pink and Best Bloom in Show)

Class 143  Six Cut Blooms of Tuberous Double Begonias
The "North West Trophy"
1st – R Bryce
Tequila Sunrise, Lindsay Smith, Lindsey Murray, Dr Sparky, Ruby Young (Best Picotee in show), Mrs E Mc Lauchlan

2nd  - B Walker
Tequila Sunrise, Moira Callan, Fantasia, Symestar x 2, Burnout

Class 144   Three Cut Blooms of Tuberous Double Begonias
1st – R Bryce
Eva Grace, Powder Puff, Mary Heatley

Class 145  One Cut Bloom of Tuberous Double Begonias
1st – R Bryce
Evelyn Dunne
2nd – B Walker
Tequila Sunrise
3rd – Mrs J Bryce
Tequila Sunrise

Class 146   Three Pots of Multiflora Begonias
2nd – Mrs J Bryce
Dark Elegance , Bon Bon Cherry, Bonfire White



The National Begonia Society Bronze Medal awarded to:

Best Cut Bloom:  R Bryce – Powder Puff
Best Pot Plant:  R Bryce – Mrs E McLauchlan
Best Species Pot: Pam Croll – China Curl


Class 134   John Wilding Trophy   Not awarded
Class 135   Blackmore & Langdon Trophy   Barry Walker
Class 141   George Jackson Trophy   Chris Walker
Class 142   Neville Webb Trophy   Bob Bryce
Class143   North West Trophy   Bob Bryce
Class 135 - 140 & 146 Best Pot Plant   Dennis Hague Trophy   Bob Bryce

Rosette awarded for: 

Best Red/Crimson – No Red in Cut Bloom classes
Best Yellow/Orange – R Bryce – Tequila Sunrise
Best White/Cream – R Bryce – Lindsay Smith
Best Picotee/Bi-Colour – R Bryce – Ruby Young
Best Pink/Salmon – R Bryce – Powder Puff also Best Bloom in Show and Bronze Medal

 Best Species – Pam Croll – China Curl          



Results by Robert Bryce