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Southport  &   National Shows,  2013

Robert Bryce

10th. September
Hi All,
   I came to the end of my season this Saturday after a visit to the SBS open day at John Hamilton's. There were some wonderful cut blooms there with a bloom of Burnout attached to the plant being the best there. There were also some of the next generation of excellent varieties present and they were much admired.

   In showing my season ended at the National last week when I was well beaten in the British Championship class by Steve Jones and in the 3 pot class by Barry Walker. In all I had a very enjoyable season whilst coming up just short Steve and Barry were my nemisis at Birmingham with Peter Sourbutts doing the same at Southport. I seem to be getting stuck on 2nd these days. In the cut blooms of which I only grew some 32 I won at Southport and in my opinion these were poor. Still on a positive note there is always next year, my targets will be different. In total this year I ended up showing 20 multistem pots and 20 single stem pots with side shoots plus some 25 cut blooms. My greenhouses were a mass of colour and I loved to peer in there.

   Now to the National and congratulations go to Steve Jones who was undoubtedly the man of the show and Terry Tasker winner of the National. They now have the target of repeating their success next time. Seriously I was please for both of them and Steve's family had a birthday. Sheer unbridled joy. I must also at this juncture praise Peter Sourbutts efforts in showing this year he was excellent!

Now my awards for the year:

Best exhibit at all the shows I went to Steve Jones 7 pot at Birmingham they would have won in almost any year I can remember.

Best Pot Vera Coates by Steve Jones it really did glow in the dark!

Best 12 board cut blooms Kennedy Mc Quiston at Ayr another new British Champion.

Best bloom shown, Falstaff by John Irvine at Ayr but the bloom on the plant at John Hamilton's of Burnout had it beat.

Best species for me was Rocheart of Chris and Sandra Davies at Swansea.

Best group of species Vin Potts at Ayr

Best display of begonias Vin Potts and other members Society stand at Southport.

Begonia man of the year and best newcomer Steve Jones well done!

   Just to finish I would like to thank all the members this year as everywhere I went friendship was in evidence and the talk was of begonias and nothing else. In the raffle at the National the winners were, Symestar - Terry Tasker, Colin Hamilton - Mike Avis and Burnout to Geoff Porter which will be sent to Co. Down, NI this week. Also my thanks to the supplier of these cutting who shall remain anonymous. These varieties will now be shared around the country.

  Finally this years raffle will be free to members renewing their membership. There will be at least 40 tubers in the raffle with some a of the new and scarce varieties as prizes by the members. In the Autumn bulletin will be a single raffle ticket to activate this just renew your membership.

   Now for bed have a good tuber harvest, see you all next year?

Robert Bryce

Terry Tasker

Stephen Jones

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