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Countdown   to the
Southport  &   National Shows,  2013

Robert Bryce

11th. July
Today it is 35 days to Southport Flower Show judging and the last 7 days have been sweltering in the 80's! My buds were taken last week with all plants for Southport having their growing shoots pinched out above the selected bud at 1.1 inches (old two shilling piece). This allows all the plants energy to put into the stems and flowers. The stems and flower buds have swollen considerably. 

   My problems this week have been weather related. How do I feed with anything nitrogen based as this softens the plant and leaves can melt when soft in strong sun. In the end I fed a half strength Phostogen N5.6, P2, K7 as I had run out of Chempak 3 last Sunday. I have to confess to melting two young leaves and also have stem rot in one of my three Robert Tyler Murphy's. This was caused by the butt of a removed flower stem. No problem with the plant but with no bud it cannot be flowered this year. These are the trials and tribulations of a begonia grower! I have realized that after feeding I should have put fleece over the plants to shade them. 

   I spent yesterday potting my small seedling tubers into 6" pots. These are in my shade house at the side of my garage. These were seedlings from last year that due to my illness I did not flower. Crosses were with Monica Bryce (pol), Millenium, Apricot Loveliness (pol) and Mary Heatley. I think on Mary Heatley I only got 4 seeds to germinate. However out of the 40+ plants I hope to find something to wet my appetite. I expect to see yellowy oranges, lemons and both cream and yellow pics. I can dream! 

   I will be taking Birmingham buds on Roy and Kath Hartley and Tom Brownlee pots this weekend. As you can see there is not much going on in my greenhouse at present. 

   Mid week I went to King Vin Potts who lives down the road about 3 miles away he was out but I took some photo's which I can share with you. One greenhouse is full of multi floras that are for the Society stand at Southport. Another has his rexes and canes for exhibiting at Ayr and other shows in England. Hope you enjoy them! 

   As I had no flowers to show you I went back to the bloom of Symestar that I grew from a March rooted cutting given to me by John Hamilton. This made the best cut bloom I have ever grown but like all my tubers was not flowered last year due to my illness. However I will be flowering 3 of these this year. I have also included a photo of Jimmy Mack another new one this was not at its best and it can be better. 

   See you all again next week be careful with your feed do not make the mistakes that I have made.

Robert Bryce  



Single stems

Main greenhouse with shade fleece

Small greenhouse
cut blooms

Seedlings plus Barbra Bryce
and pot of Linda Jackson


Symestar depth

Jimmy Mack 2011

Vincent Potts Greenhouse




Bollivensis Million Kisses

Bon Bon Sherbet

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