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Countdown   to the
Southport  &   National Shows,  2013

Robert Bryce

18th. July
Yet another hot and busy week. I have been dressing my pots (10 off) for Southport and exposing the buds, there is only 28 days to go. When working on pot plants I like to first take all the buds and stop the plant then some 14 days later dress the plant. This involves removing well grown leaves to expose the buds. I am always sad about this as I have looked after the leaves as well as all other parts of the plant. However we must face up to removing them so that we can work on the blooms. Note the before and after pictures for Beryl Rhodes. Be careful not to damage the buds.

   I have been watering the plants every 2 days this week they are thirsty in the heat. They have had a full strength feed of Chempack 3 as they looked hungry.

   The cut bloom plants are shaping up and today I put on the first plates after cutting the odd leaf off. The Buds are getting bigger. Note the red seedling bud. Will I exhibit it and name it this year?

   My single stem pot plants with side shoots will also require attention this next week.

This week will be very busy as I will be taking my Birmingham pot plant buds at 42 days. I took Tom Brownlee and Roy Hartley buds last week note the picture.

   I am looking forward to my large pot of Joan Bryce the buds are developing well, this is a bright yellow.

   My feeds this next week will be to get my buds to swell this will probably be Chempack 3 at full strength. If the weather is dull on any day I will also feed with a half tsp of Monomonium Phosphate / half tsp Nitrate of Potash to one and half gal of water.

Have a good week enjoy the sunshine

Robert Bryce  

Buds developing for Southport

Tequila Sunrise bud

Yellow Bali Hi bud

Beryl Rhodes before taking buds & dressing

Isobella for colour

Beryl Rhodes after taking buds & dressing

Pot of Joan Bryce
with buds developing

Joan Bryce
from above

Tom Brownlee
for Birmingham

Single stem with sideshoots

Main greenhouse development

Some pots

Cut bud plates put on to protect bud

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Bud of red seedling

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