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Countdown   2013
to the
Southport  &   National Shows,     Week 4

Robert Bryce

25th. July
   This week has been very busy. All the cut bloom plants now have plates on but I have still to tie the buds to the canes. All the multi stem plants and single stem plants with side shoots for Southport have been worked on with leaves removed to expose the developing buds and bloom supports put in. This is a job requiring a modicum of patience as it is easy to strain a bud and guess what it breaks off.
Today I broke 4 buds. However these are small disasters as there are many more.

   This week I have fed the pot plants twice, once with a full strength Chempak 3 (20-20-20) and once with a full strength Chempak 4 (15-15-30). When I fed Chempak 3 it was very sunny and it was fed at night to allow the nitrogen to hit overnight, the potash kicked in early the following morning.
The Chempak 4 was fed when the weather developed into an overcast day. 

   The cut bloom plant were fed with half strength Chempak 3. 

   It is now only 3 weeks to Southport and things tend to develop quickly from here, this week it will be taken up with adjusting the bloom supports and feeding the cut blooms. I am short of space and energy! endurance is required! I will also try to tidy up the greenhouse floor? 

   Last Sunday I went to the Scottish Begonia Society open day where I saw the best private garden I had ever seen. A 5 acre garden with lawn like a snooker table a lake with Black Swans and an island. Hedges going on forever and many multilora and basket begonias in pristine condition. The garden had previously won the best in Britain. It was truly amazing I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Robert Bryce

Joan Bryce dressed

Main greenhouse Southport pots dressed
with bloom supports in

Whispers dressed

Another view of pots for Southport

Cut blooms other side

Linda Jackson dressed

Sweet Dreams dressed

Mosie Famine dressed

Dr Eric Catterall dressed

Pot of Joan Bryce
with buds developing

Whispers dressed

Single stem with side shoots dressed with supports in

Scottish Begonia Society Open Day
Many thanks to Mr & Mrs Andrew Moore of Kilmarnock for allowing us to publish these pictures.

Leading up to house

Border at side of house

Front wall

Looking up the garden

Looking up the garden (2)

Visitor area

Border of Flamboyant

Shade area

Shade houses

Sitting conservatory with begonia baskets

Baskets inside

Other conservatory

Le Madelon basket

Another Le Madeon

Shade area 2

Dahlias in pots

Baskets and multifloras

Orange basket

Pink basket

Begonia Standard bench

Cream basket

Yellow Multiflora

Yellow seedling basket


Petunia baskets

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