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Countdown   to the
Southport  &   National Shows,  2013

Robert Bryce

8th. August
I hope everything is going well with you all. I have been busy what with 2 days at the Ayr Show where I saw some very good cut blooms and some poor pot plants! I hope you enjoy my pictures. I called at John Hamilton on my way up to borrow some cotton wool and bloom supports. Even with 140 off from John I do not think I will have enough until I remove the ones from the Southport pots after the show. I am finding that my ambitions require a lot of hard work. Yesterday and today I dressed my pots for Birmingham and filled the bin with leaves that I removed.

   Today I also started to go back over my Southport pots to adjust the stems and blooms. It is a bit like scaffolding moving blooms and moving stems into position. As usual I pulled some developing buds off and I really did curse as usual. At this stage endless patience is required. Yesterday it took me all day to do 7 pots. Today I did another 5 and then did 2 pots for Southport. Tonight I watered and fed my cut blooms with an half strength Chempak 4. On Sunday I watered and fed all my pots with a full strength Chempak 4 and tomorrow I will repeat this. After this the Southport pots will be fed with their final feed of Chempak 8 to harden the blooms prior to transporting and showing.

   My cut blooms are all over the place and as always I am concerned there is one or two good ones coming. There is also a lot of rubbish. I would like some of the blooms to be up to the standard of Ayr, well I can dream.

   Thanks to the generosity of a friend of the Society I am now in receipt of the early rooted cutting which have been excellently grown these are in 5 inch square pots and around 14 inch high some with more cuttings. The varieties are Symestar, Colin Hamilton and Burnout. A picture is shown, these will be raffled in three different draws at the National. These are for members of the NBS only, entry is 1.00 each draw. If any member that will not go to the national wants to take place please contact me by phone email or writing. I will advise you your number and then collect them if you win. I am sure many members would like these very rare and sought after varieties.

   The next 3 days will be spent dressing and watering plants!!

   Well on Saturday I will be going to the East Anglia Show and hope all goes well for a stalwart of our Society John Taylor. I look forward to meeting the members who can let me know of any problems.

Robert Bryce

Main greenhouse development Tuesday

Across main greenhouse to single stems

Another view, single stem

Head of Joan Bryce

Head of Monica Bryce

Head of Fair Maid of Perth

Head of Whispers

Across National pots Tuesday

More cut blooms

Avalanche after dressing Tuesday

3 pots dressed for National Tuesday

Early cuttings
for raffle at National Show

Pictures from the Scottish Begonia Society Ayr Show.

Best in Show, Falstaff
John Irvine

British Champion 2013
Kennedy McQuiston

Best orange, Colin Hamilton
Kennedy McQuiston

2nd. 12 board
 John Irvine

3rd. 12 board
Bert Nelson

4th. 12 board
Martin Brown

Best white, Avalanche
Bert Nelson

Best red, Tom Brownlee
Kennedy McQuiston

Best picotee, Beryl Rhodes
Kennedy McQuiston

Joyce Mihulka, Ronnie Welsh

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