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Countdown   to the
Southport  &   National Shows,  2013

Robert Bryce

15th. August
   Hi All, we in Blackburn have had mixed weather over the past couple of days rain and wind yesterday sunny, still and warm today. I have been very busy getting my pots ready for transport to Southport Show. I am exhausted with preparing and cotton wooling the blooms to keep damage to a minimum. Whew what a day! 

   On Saturday last I visited East Anglia Show with my wife Joan and brother Alan. Everyone was very friendly and enthusiastic and I would have liked to have stayed longer but I was due at my youngest brothers barbecue party. So it was 3.5 hours there, 2 hours at the show then 3.5 hours home followed by a clean shirt and a late night. Neville Janick had certainly fed his begonia cut blooms this year and he won the 6 Board. Congratulation this was his best too date. Dave Staines was 2nd with I think his best attempt at cut blooms yet again congratulations. The winning bloom of Lucy Allely was on a winning 3 board grown by John Allely and it was lovely. The judge Dave Coates really liked it. The species were very clean and there were some excellent exhibits but unfortunately the battery on my camera ran out sorry to the exhibitors. I have always liked the East Anglia crew they are bursting with enthusiasm. John Taylor as always was leading from the front although he was handicapped with a trapped nerve in his arm. I wish him and his helpers well for the future. They are a fantastic area of our Society.


   Now I have completed my first phase of growing my pots tomorrow I pick up the van at 08-00 hrs and take the plants and stage them. This will be an arduous task which I hope I am up to. When a return the van at 20-00 hrs I will then see if I can fulfil my cut bloom entries. This will be interesting as I have hardly looked at them this week to spare myself the disappointment.


   Tonight I checked the pots for cut bloom just to make sure they are quite dry this ensures the blooms are hard when they are cut. Wet pots means soft blooms which we do not want! Finally today I watered all the Birmingham pots as I will not give them any care until after Southport judging Thursday. 

   Just heard that Alan Harris cannot judge at Southport as he has fallen ill. I wish him well and hope he makes a recovery soon. 

   Well now for the exhibiting and judging.. I am hoping for a trouble free day tomorrow and some good luck over the coming days. 

   If you are feeding pots for a show I suggest full strength Chempak 4 with the current weather. 

   Best Wishes to you all!!  .

Robert Bryce

Before cotton wooling

More before cotton wool

Powder Puff cotton wooled for 20 pot

Tuesday before Southport

Tuesday single stems

Large pot  Monica Bryce for 6 pot

More large pots
ready for transport

Joan Bryce & Powder Puff
ready for transport

Cut blooms
looking a mess

More for 20 pots

Pictures from the East Anglian Area Show.

3 Lucy Allely
grown John Allely

3 Brenda Allely
grown John Allely

3 cut blooms, any cultivar
1st.- Dave Staines

Best cut bloom in Show
grown John Allely

6 cut blooms
1st. - Neville Janik

A species begonia

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