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Countdown   to the
Southport  &   National Shows,  2013

Robert Bryce

22nd. August
Hope your begonias are all developing well and they will be at the remaining shows.

   Southport is now over and I managed an entry in the 20 pot group, 6 pot, 3 pot, 1 pot, 12 cut blooms, 6 cut blooms. 3 x 3 boards and single cut blooms. I was defeated by Peter Sourbutts in the 20 pot and 6 pot. I won the 12 cut blooms with my worst ever 12 board so this was a contrast. I won the best pot with Fair Maid of Perth and Terry Tasker won the Best Bloom with Gypsy. My pot of Joan Bryce was wonderful but suffered travel damage and due to lack of time it needed some blooms taking off. It was still considered for best pot. I will have to be more careful and less busy next time. Altogether I spent 6 hours on the roads too and from Southport they were very bumpy and nearly every bloom had bounced off their flower supports.

   All in all I was pleased with my attempt at the 20 pot class a class which I have never attempted before. Peter, Tom and Colin were a tremendous help to me along with a number of other members. Thanks all. Southport was the best supported show I have seen for many years. The organizers must have been delighted.

   Vincent Potts was delighted with the NBS North West Area Stand with a trophy awarded and a Large Gold. Well done Vincent and all the helpers.

   For me it was a relief to get the plants out of an expanding greenhouse get them to the show and home. I then had some more bloom supports to work with! My next challenge at the National awaits the British Championship 7 pot. I have spent two days dressing the likely plant and I am pleased with them. Since my last update I have fed with a half teaspoonful of Monomonium Phosphate and half teaspoonful of Potassium Nitrate to a gallon and a half water. This softened my plants and blooms but they are now hardening up. My next feed will be a full strength Chempak 4. My last feed will be a full strength Chempak 8.

   I will be judging at South Wales this weekend. I have been very busy! See you all at the National.

   Best Regards

Robert Bryce

The Southport Show.

20 Pot 1st. - Peter Sourbutts

20 Pot 2nd. - Robert Bryce

12 cut blooms 1st. - Robert Bryce

6 Pot 1st. - Peter Sourbutts

6 Pot 2nd. - Robert Bryce

3 Pot 1st. - Barry Walker

North West Area
winning 12 board - Robert Bryce

Head of Best in Show
Fair Maid of Perth - Robert Bryce

Falstaff - Robert Bryce
(Runner up to Best bloom)

Saturday 20 Pot
1st. - Peter Sourbutts

Saturday 20 Pot
2nd. - Robert Bryce

Saturday Joan Bryce

Countdown to the National Show.

Head of Kathryn Hartley Tuesday

Head of Nichola Coates Tuesday

Head of Avalanche Tuesday

Head of Powder Puff Tuesday

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Greenhouse Tuesday for National

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