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Southport  &   National Shows,  2013

Robert Bryce

29th. August
    It is the National Show on Saturday and this will be the last NBS Show of the year. I hope that some of you will be exhibiting and many of you will visit.

   My plants have made progress and all being well will be at the National. I have had a number of problems over the last 7 days some of them my fault but the majority weather related after the spell of hot weather during my visit to the South Wales Area Show. I hope by now everyone realizes that as an exhibitor you are not alone and the problems do not ONLY happen to you! If I am struggling I always assume that other are having similar problems. For this week I am only showing general views of my pots as they have to be judged by people watching the update.

   The S Wales Show was well attended and Dorothy Williams had done a brilliant job organizing the show and Ian, Danny and Derek Bonner had been helping and everyone was happy and friendly. Myself and Barry Walker judged and the 12 board was just won by Ralph Trinder beating Dave Coates with Ian Williams third. There were some very good blooms on both Ralph's and Dave's boards with Lucy Allely being admired. Dave took the bronze medal for best bloom with Ruby Young.

   In the tuberous double pot plants Chris and Sandra Davies won the day. Charlotte was shown to good effect.

   The species classes were very well supported with some excellent rex exhibits. Gary Dando showed and won the group class and a number of others with multifloras to the fore. The best pot in show bronze medal went to a rex pot of Rocheart grown by Sandra Davis, it was excellent. Norman Preedy and Ian Williams were also showing excellent rex plants with Norman's much too good for the novice classes. All in all excellent begonias everywhere with Ralph Trinder's 12 Board taking best exhibit in show. I thoroughly enjoyed the show and meeting the exhibitors.

   Everywhere I visited this year seemed happy and the comradeship amongst growers was in evidence. I hope that as a society we can draw on this towards a better future.

   Just to remind you all yet again that the society will hold 3 individual raffles for plants of Symestar, Colin Hamilton and Burnout. These are the latest varieties raised by amateur growers you cannot buy these at any nursery. Up to now I have been underwhelmed by the interest with only 13 taken to date (thank you Geoff Porter and Denis Hague) this is disappointing after the effort obtaining these to spread them round the membership and give everyone an equal and equitable chance. Raffle tickets can be purchased either direct from me or at the show. All monies are for society funds.

   Good luck to all on Saturday it has been a pleasurable year where goodwill has abounded.

Robert Bryce


The South Wales Area Show

King Ralph

Lucy Allely

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Winning 3 Pot Rexes

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Winning Group Gary Dando.

1 Pot Rex 1st. Novice Norman Preedy

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