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Spotlight on Growers North & South of the Border




The Society
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Show Champions

National Show
          Chorley     SBS National Show     Southport     South West Show      Welsh Championship Show     Worcester

National Show
    SBS National Show Part 1     SBS National Show Part 2     Southport      South Wales Area
South West Area     Worcester

National Show
  SBS National Show    Southport     South Wales Area     South West Area    Yorkshire/Humberside Area

Blackmore & Langdon 
Chelsea, BBC Gardener's World NEC & Hampton Court
National Show
Ayr     East Anglian Area     North East & Scottish Borders     South Coast Area     Southport   
South Wales Show      South West Area     Yorkshire/Humberside Area

National Show
East Anglian Area     North East & Scottish Borders     South Coast Area     South Wales Area
South West Area     South Wales Area     Southport

The National Show
Ayr     East Anglian Area     North East & Scottish Borders     South Coast Area   South Wales Area
 Southport      South West Area     Yorkshire/Humberside Area

The National Show
Ayr    East Anglian Area     South Coast Area     Southport     South Wales Area     South West Area

The National Show
   Ayr  East Anglian Area   South Coast Area     Southport     South Wales Area     South West Area
Yorkshire/Humberside Area

The National Show
  Ayr     East Anglian Area     South Coast Area     Southport     South Wales Area
South West Area         Yorkshire/Humberside Area

The National Show
 Ayr    East Anglian Area     South Coast Area     South West Area     Yorkshire/Humberside Area
Southport     South Wales

The National Show
 Ayr     East Anglian Area     South West Area     South Coast Area     Yorkshire/Humbershire
Southport     Kirklees     South Wales     Norfolk & Suffolk Area

The National Show
 Ayr     East Anglian Area     Norfolk & Suffolk Area    South Coast Area      South West Area
Southport     Clevedon     Yorkshire/Humbershire

The National Show
 East Anglian Area     South West Area     Southport     South Coast Area     Clevedon     Kirklees
Yorkshire/Humbershire Area

The National Show
Ayr     East Anglian Area     Norfolk & Suffolk Area    South Coast Area      South West Area     Southport

The National Show
East Anglian Area   Leeds Flower Show   Norfolk & Suffolk   Penistone   Southport   South Coast  Area

The National Show
 Ayr    East Anglian Area     Norfolk & Suffolk Area     Penistone Show     Southsea Show
Southport     South West Area

The National Show
Ayr     Bourn Gardeners Weekend    East Anglian Area    Norfolk & Suffolk Area
Southsea Show    Southport

The National Show




Cane like      Rhizomatous      Shrub-like      Tuberous / Semi tuberous      Thick stemmed      Rex Cultorum
Basket or Pendula Begonias     Multiflora Begonias     Begonia Rex     Begonia Rex Plus     Semperflorens
     Cut-blooms     Hybridization     The Editor's Tutorial     My Way     Begonias my Hobby


Cultural Diaries


2019  Ian Donaldson
Introduction & February part 1       February part 2     March part 1     March part 2     April part 1     April part 2
May     June     July part 1     July part 2     August part 1     August part 2 (final part)

2018 John Hamilton
Introduction     January     February     March     April     May     June
July part 1     July part 2     August     Final part of Year

2018 Tony Shepherdson
Introduction     Early January     Mid January     Mid February     Late February     Mid March     Late March     Mid April  
Mid April     Mid May     Late May     Mid June     Mid July     Early August     Mid August     Mid September     Early November

2017 Ron Aldous
"Growing Begonias My way"
January     February     March     April     May     June     July     August
September     October     November     December

2016 Michael Richardson.
National Cut bloom Champion  2014
Early January     Late January     February     Early March     Mid March     Early April     Late April     May
June     July     August     September     October     November     December

2016 Tim Jemmott
Introduction     February     March     April     May     June     July          August & September
October     November     December

2015 Michael Richardson
National Cut bloom Champion  2013
Introduction     Background     January     Mid February     Late February   Early March     Late March     Early April
Late April     Early May     Mid May     Late May     Early June    Mid June     Late July     Early August    Mid August
Mid August 2     Late August     Early September     Late September     Early October   Mid October
Early  November     Late November

2014 Stephen Jones
The British Society Champion 2013 & 2014
Introduction     January     February   March   April   May     June
July   August   September     October   November     December

2013 Peter Sourbutts
"Peter's Potting Shed"
Introduction     January/February     March     April    May     June

2011 Phil Champion The lonely begonia grower
Introduction     February     March     April     May     June     July
August     September     October     November     December

2010  Cliff Parker
"South Wales Diary"
14th.January to 14th. February     14th. February to 13th.March     14th. March to 13th. April
14th. April to 13th. May     14th. May to 13th.June     14th. June to 13th. July

2009 Basil Billinger  A year in the life of an amateur begonia grower
January & February    March     April & May     June & July     August & September
October & November     December

2008 Dennis Need
 Multiflora & Garden Begonias  
March & April     May & June     July & August     September & October

2007 John Chiswell National Cut bloom Champion 2006
January & February     March & April     May & June     July & August

2006 Brian Simmons The editor's Diary            
March, April, May     January & February     March, April, May     June     July     August     December

2005 John Taylor
East Anglian Diary
March - June     July - October     December     2006 February


Michael Richardson
Growers in the Spotlight  North & South of the Border
Blackmore & Langdons & The South West Area Meeting  
Visited Sunday 14th.April 2019

Phil Champion  NBS & SBS National Shows Cut Bloom Champion  2016
Bob Robertson  Scottish Begonia Society Committee Member  Visited Sunday 5th. May2017
Blackmore & Langdon  Visited  Sunday 5th. April
Dave Weatherby
South West Area Representative  Visited Sunday 5th. March 2017
Robert Nelson
President Scottish Begonia Society Visited Sunday 12th. February  2017



Title Page
Phil Champion  2017 - National Show
27th. June     3rd. July    10th July     17th. July      24th. July     31st. July      7th. August     10th. August 

Robert Bryce    2013 - Southport & National Shows
1st. July     11th. July     18th. July     26th. July     2nd. August      8th. August     15th. August
22nd. August     29th. August     10th. September - Closure

Phil Champion   2012 - South Coast & National Shows

     17th. June     24th. June     1st. July     8th. July     15th. July     22nd. July     29th. July     5th. August     12th. August

Brian Simmons   2010
South Coast Show


Members Gallery

Conservatoire du Bégonia Rochfort    Phil Champion 2014 1  2012 3  2012 2  2012 1
Tuberous Double Begonias 
Derek Telford  Title Page  Album 1  Album 2   Album 3
Begonia Rex
Tony Reynolds  Gallery 1  Gallery 2
Basket Begonias 
Dennis Need
Multiflora Begonias  Dennis Need
Pendula Begonias from seed. Geoffrey Porter

A Northern Ireland Member Geoffrey Porter
Garden Begonias Basil Billinger
Tuberous Double Begonia seedlings  John Chiswell
Tuberous Double Begonia seedlings Alan Bryce
A Northern Ireland Member Geoffrey Porter  2012 
Non Tuberous Begonias Terry & Shirley Tasker 2009
Non-Tuberous Begonias Terry & Shirley Tasker   2004 - Page 1  2004 - Page 2
Member's Gallery Geoffrey Porter  2008
Member's Gallery Geoffrey Porter  2010
Tuberous Double Begonias Brian Simmons 2003  2004   2007
Species - David Plowes


Members Greenhouses

John & Mairi Hamilton 2018
John Hamilton 2016     Stephen Jones 2015
Ian Rhys Williams 2014      Terry Tasker 2014     Vincent Potts 2014     Geoff Porter 2012
     Geoff Porter 2011     Ian Rhys Williams 2011

    Gary Dando 2010     Gary Dando 2009     Terry Tasker 2010
Dave Coates 2009     John Chiswell 2009     Bill Squibb 2009     Robert Bryce 2009     Mike Osborne 2009
      Gary Dando 2008     Phil Champion 2008     Don Dewey 2008     Chad Stone 2008     Mike Osborne 2008    
Ron Haines 2008     John Chiswell 2008     Lakin Earl 2007     Ian Rhys Williams 2007     Robert Bryce 2004 & 2007
Tony Willoughby 2007     Stewart Matthews 2007     Roy Seare 2007     Roy Seare 2006


Members Gardens

Basil Billinger  2007   2011   2014    October begonias      Dennis Need Begonias in the Garden         
  Ian Rhys Williams 2013    John Winfield 2008    


Blackmore & Langdon

Chelsea Flower Show 2019   Open Days 2019
Chelsea, BBC Gardeners World NEC & Hampton Cour 2016


Members Articles

7th.  August   Michael Richardson   Visits Ball Colegrave Nursery
24th. July 2019     Visit to Ian Donaldson & Phil Champion     Michael Richardson
1st. July 2019     Visit to our Society President     Michael Richardson
1st. June 2019     Visit to The Central Area Representative & Area Meeting     Michael Richardson
26th. May 2019  Michael Richardson on Another trip North  to the SBS Meeting
Blackmore & Langdon's in March 2019
Judging Michael Richardson's first experience as a trainee judge
A Personal Review of my Season 2014 Robert Bryce
Cut blooms for exhibition  2014 Robert Bryce          Pots for exhibition  2014 Robert Bryce
Begonias - My Hobby Dave Staines          B&L Chelsea Preview 2010 Basil Billinger
New Begonias for 2010 Dennis Need          New Begonias for 2009 Dennis Need
Begonia Trail through the Mendips Basil Billinger     Begonias at the Rose & Sweet Pea Show Basil Billinger

B&L Chelsea Preview 2009 Basil Billinger     B&L Chelsea Preview 2008 Basil Billinger
 An early visit to B&L March 2008 Basil Billinger          October begonias Basil Billinger
A visit to Blackmore & Langdon's 2007 Basil Billinger

SOUTH WEST VISIT   July 2009 Ian Rhys Williams
1 - John Chiswell    2 - Ron Haines     3 - Gary Dando Part 1     4- Gary Dando Part 2     5 - Lakin Earl



10th. April 2018  An appeal from the Ballarat Botanical Gardens in Victoria, Australia
November 2016, Researchers have discovered a new species of begonia in Indonesia
Understanding Begonia – a new book by Scottish Begonia Society President Samuel Kennedy
Display at the National Botanic Garden of Wales - 2014
Society Display at Taverham Garden Centre 2010     Society Display at NEC  2005
Society Display at Cambridge Botanic Gardens 2004


Open Days

Blackmore & Langdon  2019 1     Blackmore & Langdon  2019 2
Ball Colegrave  2018
 Blackmore & Langdon  2018     Blackmore & Langdon  2017     Ball Colegrave  2017
John Hamilton 2016    Ball Colegrave  2016
Blackmore & Langdon  2016         Blackmore & Langdon  2015

John Hamilton 2014      Blackmore & Langdon  2014    Bellcross  2014    Ball Colegrave  2014
John Hamilton 2013          Bellcross  2012            Blackmore & Langdon  2012

 Blackmore & Langdon  2011    Thomson & Morgan  2010    Thomson & Morgan  2009
 B&L Chelsea Preview 2010    Blackmore & Langdon  2007          Bellcross  2007



Cut Blooms for Exhibition  2014     Tuberous Double Pots for Exhibition  2014

Countdown to the Southport & National Shows 2013
 Week 1    Week 2     Week 3     Week 4     Week 5     Week 6     Week 7Week 8     Week 9     Week 10

Greenhouse  2004 & 2007     2009

Bob Bryce Albums
Album 1  Ayr 2002   ~   Album 2  Southport 2002 & 2004   ~   Album 3  Ayr 2003 & 2004
Album 4  Southport 2005   ~   Album 5  Southport 2006   ~   Album 6  National 2001 & 2002
Album 7  National 2007   ~   Album 8  Ayr 2006   ~   Album 9  Ayr 2007
Album 10  Southport 2007   ~   Album 11  Miscellanous


Register of Named Varieties for Large Flowered Tuberous Double Begonias