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The Secretary's Diary   2005
Through the Season with Alan Harris  (NBS Secretary 2002 - 2013)
April - June

22nd. June
The basket of Firedance is, as usual, the first one to flower.  This is hanging in full sun on the patio and is quite happy.


The early cuttings are now potted on into 4" pots and they will stay in these for the rest of the season.  They will be planted in the garden, pot and all, in a couple of weeks, where they will stay until the first frosts.  I find this way gives very good tubers with the minimum of effort.


This is a view of the shade house where the plants are now looking fine.  The plants are now all in their final pots, which vary according to the size of the tuber and the vigour of the plant.


This is the main greenhouse which has all the glass removed on the south side and the plants are now on the tiered staging.  This makes watering easier and also the blooms are tiered and easier to manage.  All I need now is for the suffocating heat to go and we will be on course for the shows.

9th. May
Plants for NEC have moved on quite well since last time and should now be OK. The first flowers are showing.  I don't stop these plants as they are only for display, which makes it quite easy to get the blooms out for the day.

The adult tubers have really moved ahead and many are now in their final pots and growing away.  This is the time to treat the pots with Provado if you use it.  I still have a supply of the granules which give six month protection so only one treatment is given.  If you are using the liquid, which gives only 4 month protection, I suggest you do them again in the early Autumn.
Spraying against mildew starts every two weeks from now until the buds are taken.  Try to use a different spray each time, after checking the label as some mark begonia leaves.

The most vigorous cutting tubers are now in their second pots and will be moved into the final 7" pots in about two weeks time.  These are intended for the National Show so have plenty of time to grow on.  The less vigorous ones will be grown in the garden in 4" pots and used as plants next year.

14th. April.
The plants for the NEC are moving slowly, they need some warmer weather with better light.  The ones at the back are the ones intended for the show with the reserves in front.

The cutting tubers are now moving ahead quite well, with the most forward being potted on.  As usual they have started in a random way with some only just coming through.

The adult tubers are making good progress.  They were only started four weeks ago and are mostly well away.  Another week and many of these will need to be moved into larger pots. 


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