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A few pictures from the garden of Steve Jones for this season.



I start my tubers off in multipurpose compost and at the first potting they go into a mixture of JI No 2 ,Multipurpose and Grit.



The weather has been very warm so shading added.





Things have been moving on in the greenhouses with lots of plants  moved into their final pots, you can see the difference in growth from the early potted plants to the latest. Don't over water plants only give a good watering when dry. There are plenty of nutrients in the fresh compost so do not feed for at least six weeks ,only give water. I have plenty of water storage tanks so I always use rain water. As you see the canes have been put into the pots, they are loose at first but when roots grow inside pot this makes the cane firm .  When selecting plants for 7" pots you only want one main stem all the other shoots coming from the tuber can be taken as cuttings which can be seen in picture below. This applies to the 10" pots any shoots removed can be taken as cutting as you only want three or four main stems in these 10" pots. I do not use any rooting powder on cuttings I just put them into 50/50 mix of peat and sharp sand as rooting powder and  the nutrients in multipurpose compost may stop your cuttings rooting making them rot. It has been very hot this may with temperatures of 109 deg in my greenhouse.


    All my plants are in their final pots, growing strongly  with canes inserted  and strings attached which are adjusted as each plant grows. Not giving any feed yet just watering as and when each pot requires. The pictures show the growth the plants have made. Some of the early cuttings have been repotted into 5" pots which they will stop in until the tubers are harvested in December or January. The Baskets of Isabella are growing well hopefully the cutting taken off these will produce some good tubers for next season. I have no room for any more plants in 7" or 10" pots so I will keep the remainder in 5" pots to produce some good sized tubers again  for season. With these plants as they are close together and the bench is water tight I have put capillary matting on the bench so   I just water the matting when plants go dry. I will feed these plants as time passes also will remove all the side shoots and top shoot after two pairs of leaves. I have about 25 of these plants without any name labels so will let these flower and then be able to name them fingers crossed. My misting unit I was using has gone faulty so I contacted Simply controls  who said return and they would fix, hopefully they will be able to repair. At the moment I have approx 100 cuttings under the bench which with this hot weather may have been better under the mist system.

The plant in flower picture is what I am trying achieve in August.



Temp tiers installed to show plants


Ready to go outside

Take flower buds off.

Side shoots removed

Check for watering



Nearly all space taken



Growing well. Drilled out corks for protection at top of canes.


 5" pots growing for next years tubers. 91 pots


First of cuttings potted


Trying to achieve


Tubers  for next year letting flower as not labelled.



Large greenhouse plants growing well


Spreading plants out so as not to break leaves.


Canes placed to the rear of the plant



Showing stems tied pulling over towards canes.


Leaves pointing forward canes to the rear.


I will stop removing buds 56 days before show date.


Some grow faster than others.

Some more of his years cutting just potted  into 5" pots.



All of the growing tips and side shoots removed.( To get a good tuber for next season)


Some grown for three blooms some with side shoots.


Adjust strings as plants grow.

Longest day coming into flower so I can name.

Last of this years cuttings under mister.

Earlier cuttings going along steady.


Feeding with Phostrogen.


Plants in 10 " pots growing well

Plants don't look that big

Until I put hand against.

56 Days to show date all buds removed from every pot plant.


Remove each bud carefully.



All buds removed


All buds removed

All gone

Left buds on Baskets for this year






Have to be careful watering easy to snap leaves.


All plants being fed with Phostrogen.

Given seaweed plant stimulator a couple of times watered  onto top of compost in pots.



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