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Terry Tasker  2014
June 2014
Southport Lancashire

   Had a trip to see Terry Tasker of Southport which took 3 & half hours some 220 miles. Well on arriving a nice cup of tea & toast made by Shirley.
   Refreshed it was time to see the begonias but first thing that caught my eye was Shirley's sculptures, sorry didn't take a picture but they were very interesting. The first picture is of the garden nice straight lines on the lawn very well kept garden. On walking into the first greenhouse we had a staged photo of Terry looking at a plant, he looks a bit intellectual for once. The next couple of photos just to make Terry the centre of attention, he likes that.(wink) Then we got a picture without Terry his plants looked well on the left all single stemmed plants in their final pots, on the right cuttings to the fore with more plants at the rear. I was very impressed with the neatness & the straight lines of all the plants, but if you look closely at this picture of the cuttings the first one at the front is out of line, I had to shake my head to myself, poor show Terry.
   Next we came to the most important piece of kit in the greenhouse the fridge, what a let down it's not a patch on Ronnie Welsh's no Gin & only a few beers I expected more real poor show. Into the next greenhouse & looking at Terry in this picture you would think he's had a couple trying to steady himself on the plant stake. Again all the plants looked in fantastic condition. So the next couple of photos are of the greenhouse without Terry in the way. Next was the propagation area which is between the two greenhouses. Finally you have to walk back through the first greenhouse & in this final picture, well I'll let you all decide what you think personally I think he had a hip flask somewhere. Still it was a good day thank you Shirley for lunch & Terry for being a good laugh as usual. See you soon.

Phil Champion