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Ron Aldous

Growing Begonias My way




Here we are nearly at the end of another year, another month and we will be into 2018 where has 2017 gone?. 
Well now that all the shows are over and done with it's down to the more mundane jobs that have to be done, and for me that will give me enough to do for the next month or so until we start all over again.
I've made a start on knocking out my Begonias, I'm about two thirds of the way through them now.  I've found a few that have gone rotten but in the main most are looking okay up to now.  Of course all this knocking out leaves me with a lot of canes that need washing and a lot of pots, plus in the next week or so I've got to start on knocking out all the Chrysanthemums I'm keeping for stock for next years cutting material and that leaves me with lots more pots and canes to clean and that is more than double the work than with the Begonias being that the canes are up to seven foot long and the pots are ten inch clay.
Just keeping with the Chrysanthemums I did better than I thought I might do at the show in Chester by winning three first a second and a third place with some quite good blooms. So that brought my season to an end on a high. I've had a good think at what I'm going to be growing next year and I've sorted it all out . The one thing this year has taught me is I'm not going to be growing as many of both the Begonias and Chrysanthemums - I had just too many this year, I hope that doing it like I've just said I'll grow better plants giving each one the attention they deserve, that's what I hope will happen, only time will tell.
We haven't had one frost here, some cold night and days but no frost, I do think it won't be too long before we do have some but that is what you get when you live in god's own country.
I've spoken to two or three of the lads and they all seem to be ahead of me with there plants shutting down but not a lot I can do about that.

Well that's all from me for this year I'm going on holiday for Christmas and New Year so all the very best to all of you. I've had a good year meeting up with you all at the shows and having a good natter and seeing some lovely  pots and cut blooms plus baskets etc.
Ta ta for now    Ron     


National Show   6 Pots - 1st.

Southport Show   6 Pots - 1st.

Southport Show    3 Pots - 1st.

Southport Show 1 Pot  2nd.

This concludes another excellent Diary. Many thanks to Ron for sharing his year with us.

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