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Hi all of you it's that time again for me to bring you up to date with where I'm at at the moment hear in sunny Llandudno.
Well the pressure is off now the shows that I go to have been and gone the National at Shrewsbury and Southport. At Shrewsbury after a eventual journey, I was around twenty miles away from the show ground at two thirty am going along nicely when a fox ran across the road in front of me - I did what I think most of us would do, stood on the brakes, an automatic reaction which ended up with all the pots falling over on top of each other, you can guess what I was saying out loud. I had to stop and stand all my pots up again not daring to have a close look at the damage.
On reaching the show Barry Walker my pal was there to help me unload then it was sort out the damage. One pot totally kaput, odd flowers of off some.  After a a bit of sorting things out I managed to put up six restricted (left), not too bad a set which won so you can guess I was more than pleased.
Later on that evening John Hamilton arrived quite late so Barry and I helped him by carrying his cut bloom boxes and removing the cotton wool from his wife's seven pot entry. And what an entry it was, magnificent, the best set I've seen and I'm sure all who saw that entry will agree.
The cut blooms were well contested and a new name, Tony Shepherdson, on the winner of the twelve board.  In my mind another good show well done all of you that put up an entry.
My next show was the Southport show this time no incidents on the way to the show, I set up another six restricted (right) a three pot (left) and a one pot of multi stems (right).  I won the six and three, second with the one pot. I feel that all in all having a few knocks in the last few months pretty pleased with my season so far.
That's the Begonia season done showing but there is still lots more to attend to before the end of the year as we all know.

 Now I have to give most of my attention to my chrysanthemums, all looking quite well except for a bit of rust which I am dealing with at the moment. I've finished securing all of them now I've been doing this over the last two weeks so I've got the timing right for the shows just got to keep on top of things now until flowering time early November for the National Chester the week after then the northern group the following week.
One thing I've learnt this year more than ever (I've grown too much)  I know I've said this many times before but I am definitely cutting back on the amount of most things next year before it gets to be a chore rather than a pleasure, I'll still be growing enough though to do the shows I want to.

Well that's all I've got time for now so just one thing I've forgot to mention - isn't Vine Weevil killer costly, I've got through five bottles doing my Begonias, fifty pounds worth. Still I needed to do it for I suffered with it last year.

 Hoping you have all had a good season and that you don't have any going wrong from now to the end of the year cheers everyone.



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