The National Begonia Society

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The Welsh Championship Show
Sunday 29th.  &  Monday 30th.  August
Judges: Alan Harris & Andrew MacDougall

Wyevale Swansea Garden Centre,  Llansamlet, Swansea  SA79FT


   Our second South Wales Area Show was held at Wyevale Garden Centre Swansea once again, on August Bank Holiday 2010.
In the absence of our Show Secretary Cliff Parker, due to illness, Dorothy volunteered to step in and take responsibility as Show Secretary.
   Unbeknown to us, much of the paper work had previously been completed by Cliff prior to his illness. However, we needed to ensure that the paper work was in place. Jeff Rhodes, supplied much of what was needed and even offered to travel down from the North to assist Dorothy on the morning of the Show, for which we were most grateful. However, Dorothy was confident that she would be able to cope.
   Mike Avis also sent copies of what he had available. Dorothy adapted her own techniques and set about, with quiet confidence, to ensure everything would be right on the day.
   After finally completing what was required, it emerged that there was a box at Cliff's home, full of the necessary documentation needed for the forthcoming Show.
   It soon became obvious that the space which was allocated to us the previous year by Wyevale, was going to be grossly insufficient, as entries became to arrive .
   Another eight tables were requested and Wyevale Staff fell over backwards to accommodate our growing needs. Steve, the Wyevale Assistant Manager, Mike the Horticulture Manager and especially Alan Ottesol, worked tirelessly to accommodate our every need.
   The Show it seemed, was going to be much bigger and even better than the previous year!!
On Sunday morning of the first day of the Show it was evident that the quality and amount of exhibits were to exceed the previous Show. The hanging baskets were superb and the Species were a pleasure to see. The Double tuberous pot plants were exceptional and the cut blooms were breathtaking.
   Once again the public were spellbound by the magnificence of the spectacle set before them. So much so, that another seventeen members in total joined our growing ranks at the Show. At the height of the Show there were no available spaces in the large Wyevale car park.
   The Novice and Intermediate Classes also showed a tremendous improvement in the standard and number of entries from last year. Lorraine Rudd and Danny Davies entered several entries of Cliff Parker's, on his behalf, which gained a first and a third. Derek Bonner took best exhibit in the Novice and Intermediate Classes. The novices in particular, have come a long way since last year.
   The winners of the Three Pot Class, Chris and Sandra Davies, exhibited three super pots, which were equal, if not better than any that I have seen this year at any Show - such was their quality. Ralph Trinder staged two six boards, which were the best that I have seen for a long time. Alan Harris and other exhibitors were of the same opinion. Well done Ralph  what a splendid two - six boards.
   Another, fantastic exhibit on display was a pot of Benochoma, exhibited by Chris and Sandra Davies - wonderously enchanting.
   Also exhibited by Chris and Sandra was a pot of Begonia Rex, Iron Stone, which was adjudicated Best Exhibit in Show. Alan Harris commented that it was the best example that he'd seen in many years, such was it's splendour.
   Many thanks to all those who once again supported our Area Show. Arthur and Joyce James were kind enough to lend their Hanging Basket Stands and to those who travelled from afar, including Terry Carr, Harry Bird, Gary Dando, Mike Avis and John Chiswell.
   A special thank you to our local members too, who worked extremely hard, especially Denise Gregory, accompanied by Martyn Jons, who seemed to have known most of the extra three and a half thousand visitors who came to see our magnificent Show.
   A big thank you to Danny Davies, who made the stands for our two Welsh Champion display boards and all those who ensured that our Show was once again a resounding success.
   And of course, a big thank you to our two Judges, Alan Harris and Andrew MacDougall for being so helpful and informative, to the exhibitors and public alike.
   Lastly, my special thanks go to Cliff our Area and Show Secretary for preparing the Show material and to Dorothy for stepping in at the last minute to take on the role of Show Secretary. We all wish Cliff a speedy recovery.

3 Pots Tuberous double - 1st.
Chris and Sandra Davies

3 Pots Tuberous double - 2nd.
Mike Avis

3 Pots Tuberous double - 3rd.
Ian Rhys Williams

1 Pot Restricted - 1st.
Chris and Sandra Davies

1 Pot Restricted - 2nd.
Chris and Sandra Davies

1 Pot Restricted - 3rd.
Mike Avis

6 Cut-blooms - 1st.
Ralph Trinder

Best Bloom in Show.
Ralph Trinder

6 Cut-blooms - 2nd.
Ralph Trinder

3 Cut-blooms - 1st.
Ralph Trinder

3 Cut-blooms - 2nd.
Ralph Trinder

3 Cut-blooms - 3rd.
John Chiswell

Three Pots Rex - 1st.
Chris and Sandra Davies

Three Pots Rex - 2nd.
Gary Dando

Three Pots Rex - 3rd.
Ian Rhys Williams

One Pot Rex - 1st.
Chris and Sandra Davies

One Pot Rex - 2nd.
Gary Dando

One Pot Rex - 3rd.
Ian Rhys Williams

Pictures & report by Ian Rhys Williams