The National Begonia Society

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Class 1 3 Pots D/T Begonias, unrestricted
1st  W. Stone. Jennifer Wilson, Roy Hartley and Joyce Mihulka
2nd  L. Earl. Jessie Wright, Sugar Candy and Sweet Dreams.
3rd  D. Elliott. Billie Langdon, Pearl Graham and Ziggy.

Class 2 2 Pots D/T Begonias, unrestricted
1st  M. Avis. First Love and Geoff Bisley.
2nd  D. Elliott. Ian Yearley and Powder Puff.
3rd  D. Davies. Geoff Bisley and Unknown.

Class 3 1 Pot D/T Begonia, unrestricted
1st  W. Stone. Golden Hind.
2nd  D. Davies. Unknown
rd  L. Earl. Apricot Delight. 

Class 4 1 Pot D/T Begonia single stem side shoots permitted
1st  W. Stone. Golden Hind
2nd  L. Earl. Golden Hind
3rd  M. Avis. Apricot Delight.

Class 5 1 Pot D/T Begonia no side shoots
1st B. Billinger. Bonnie Brenda.
2nd  A. Ankers. Jennifer Wilson.
3rd B. Billinger. Peach Melba.

Class 6 1 Pot D/T Begonia and 1 Bloom
1st M. Avis. Coppelia x 2
2nd D. Elliott. John Harrison and Daisy Trinder.

Class 7 1 Pot D/T Begonia Novice only
1st D. Davies.  Sweet Dreams.

Class 8 1 Pot Fibrous
1st A. Ankers. Whoppe Bronze Leaf.

Class 9 1 Pot Begonia Rex
1st G. Dando. Party Girl.

Class 10 1 Cane-Stemmed Begonia
1st  A. Ankers. Acbo-Picta .
2nd G. Dando. Acbo-Picta.

Class 11 1 Pot Begonia any other type
1st  A. Ankers. Corallinon.
2nd D. Davies. Goldfinch.
 3rd  G. Dando. Rocky Yellow.

Class 12 1 Pot Flowering and 1 Pot Foliage 
1st G. Dando.  Spiderman and Madam Richard Galle.
2nd G. Dando.  Firecracker and Black Lace.
 3rd D. Williams. Le Madelon and Rochheart.

Class 13 1 Pot Foliage
1st  L. Earl. Tigers Paws.
2nd  A. Ankers. Marmaduke.

Class 14 3 Pots Foliage
1st  G. Dando.  Tapestry x 2 and Tigers Paws.
2nd  D. Williams.  Many Colours, Rochheart and Emerald Beauty.
3rd I.R. Williams. Many Colours x 3

Class 15 3 Pots multi-flowering
1st G. Dando.  White Crackling Fire, Cracking Fire and Devotion.
2nd A. Ankers. Waterfall Enconto and Bella Donna x 2.
3rd I.R. Williams. Fire Dance Ami Jean Baird and Le Madelon.

Class 16 Hanging Basket or pot Pendulas
1st B. Billinger.  White Crackling Fire
2nd J. Chiswell. White Crackling Fire.
3rd A. Ankers. Waterfall Enconto.

Class 17 1 Bloom Novice
No entries

Class 18 6 Blooms D/T
1st  J.  Chiswell.  Ann Crawford, Linda Jackson, Golden Hind, Mrs Dan Ramage, Seedling and Ruby Young.
2nd  J. Chiswell.  Eva Grace, Sylvia Johnston, Lindsay Murray, Colin Hamilton, Powder Puff and Tequila Sunrise.
3rd. K. Davis. Tom Brownlee, Joyce Milhulka, Beverley B, Fanfare, Vera Coates and Sweet Dreams.

Class 19 3 Blooms D/T Begonias
1st J. Chiswell. Ann Crawford, Bali Hai and Pinks Frills.
2nd J. Chiswell.  Sweet Dreams. Daisy Trinder and Margaret Milhulka.
3rd K. Davis. Vera Coates. Colin Hamilton and Sea Coral.

Class 20 1 Bloom D/T Begonia 
1st J. Chiswell. Dr Eric Catterall.
2nd J Chiswell.  Coppelia.
3rd K. Davis. John Smith.


Best Pot Plant, NBS Bronze Medal & Rosette   Chad Stone,  Jennifer Wilson, Class 1
Best Cut Bloom, NBS Bronze Medal & Rosette
John Chiswell, Seedling, Class18
Best Exhibit, The South West Begonia Rose
Bowl Chad Stone, Class 1 
Best Cut Bloom Exhibit (Cecil Gammon Memorial Trophy)
John Chiswell, Class 18
Most Points, The Begonia Trophy
John Chiswell.
Best Exhibit Class 5 (Don Dewey Memorial Trophy)
Basil Billinger.

 Results by Basil Billinger