The National Begonia Society

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Class 1 3 Pots D/T Begonias, unrestricted
1st  W. Stone. Jessica Wright x 2 and Golden Hind.
2nd  L. Earl.  Jenifer Wilson, Fair Maid of Perth and Sugar Candy.
3rd  M. Avis. Sweet Dreams, Goliath and Red Admiral.

Class 2 2 Pots D/T Begonias, unrestricted
1st  W. Stone. Vera Coates and Whispers.
2nd  M. Avis. Fantasia and Grace Oxley.

Class 3 1 Pot D/T Begonia, unrestricted
1st  W. Stone. Sweet Dreams.
2nd  L. Earl. Roy Hartley.
rd  M. Avis. Tequila Sunrise.

Class 4 1 Pot D/T Begonia single stem side shoots permitted
1st L. Earl. Primrose.
2nd  M. Avis. Apricot Delight.

Class 5 1 Pot D/T Begonia no side shoots
1st L. Earl. Tahiti.
2nd  B. Billinger. Ruby Young.
3rd D. Skinner. Sweet Dreams.

Class 6 1 Pot D/T Begonia and 1 Bloom
1st A. Ankers. Tom Brownlee and Mrs. E. MacLauchlan.

 Class 7 1 Pot D/T Begonia Novice only
No entries.

Class 8 1 Pot Fibrous
1st B. Billinger. Burchill Red.
2nd A. Ankers. No name

Class 9 1 Pot Begonia Rex
1st M. Avis. Pink Champagne.
2nd G. Dando. Salls Comet.
3rd A.Ankers. Tiger Paws

Class 10 1 Cane-Stemmed Begonia
1st  A. Ankers. Corallina.
2nd G. Dando. Acbo-Picta.

Class 11 1 Pot Begonia any other type
1st  B. Billinger. b.Grandis Evansiana.
2nd A. Ankers. b. Fuchsiaoides.

Class 12 1 Pot Flowering and 1 Pot Foliage 
1st G. Dando.  Pavalova and Truffles.
2nd L. Earl. Glowing Embers and Tapestry.

Class 13 1 Pot Foliage
1st  L. Earl. Tigers Paws.
2nd  G.Willoughby. De Ellegance.
3rd G. Dando. Summer Maid.

Class 14 3 Pots Foliage
1st  G. Dando.  Black Lace, Benchoma and Tiger Paws.
2nd  G. Willoughby. Tiger Paws x 2 and Rochheart.
3rd A. Ankers. Rochheart, Impressionist Picasso and Merry Xmas.

Class 15 3 Pots multi-flowering
1st G. Dando.  Flamboyant, Truffles and Lemon Drops.
2nd G. Dando. Truffles, Glowing Embers and Rocky Red.

Class 16 Hanging Basket or pot Pendulas
1st G. Dando. Sun City.
2nd B. Billinger. Crackling Fire.

Class 17 1 Bloom Novice
1st D. Skinner. Sweet Dreams.
2nd. D. Heskins. Isobel Keenan.
3rd D. Skinner. Daisy Trinder.

Class 18 6 Blooms D/T
1st  J.  Chiswell.  Lindsey Murray, Coppelia, Falstaff, Powder Puff, Falstaff and Gypsy.
2nd  J. Chiswell.  Summertime, Sweet Dreams, Coppelia, Joyce Milhulka, Tequilla Sunrise and Grace Oxley.
3rd. K. Davis. Alexandra, Fiona Ramsey, Isobel Keenan, Lucky, Vera Coates and Evelyn Dunn.

Class 19 3 Blooms D/T Begonias
1st J. Chiswell. Isobel Keenan, Tequilla Sunrise and Ruby Young.
2nd J. Chiswell.  Margaret Milhulka, Anniversary and Gypsy.
3rd K. Davis. Angela Jane, Alan Langdon and Anniversary.

Class 20 1 Bloom D/T Begonia
1st J. Chiswell. Isobel Keenan.
2nd J Chiswell.  Eva Grace.
3d D. Skinner. Sceptre Cross


Best Pot Plant, NBS Bronze Medal & Rosette   Chad Stone,  Jessica Wright, Class 1
Best Cut Bloom, NBS Bronze Medal & Rosette
John Chiswell, Lindsey Murray, Class18
Best Exhibit, The South West Begonia Rose
Bowl Chad Stone, Class 2
Best Cut Bloom Exhibit (Cecil Gammon Memorial Trophy)
John Chiswell, Class 18
Most Points, The Begonia Trophy
 Gary Dando 
Best Exhibit Class 5 (Don Dewey Memorial Trophy)
Lakin Earl.


 Results by Basil Billinger