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    Late  March

The Month of March has been a little testing to say the least, family comes first as they say. So things have gone slightly haywire, & arenít getting any easier now with this pandemic corona virus hitting the country. It feels as if this year is going down hill fast, having got all orders in nice & early for all my compost ingredients the sterilised loam pic 1                   

 was soaking wet rendering it useless. To make things worse the 2nd delivery was just the same, as I write this itís now 20th of March & no loam for my composts. My early cuttings went to the wall due to me not being around, they need more looking after in the early stages.

 Itís surprising how slow plants move when you look at them each day but when you are away for some time they appear to speed up.


Once the plants are up & running room is soon used up.

Being away has put me behind on making up the hanging baskets & of course no loam doesnít help. With all the uncertainty over the corona virus with many of the early spring shows & now Chelsea flower show cancelled, it could quite easily be a complete shut down for 12 months. With all the early meetings of both the NBS & the Scottish all being cancelled another headache for me as I normally take surplus started plants to sell off, so now have a few hundred extra to do something with. I have to admit itís all getting a little out of hand & I donít seem to able to get on top of it all. Plants that were started with the National show in mind have all now just about started.

  My large glasshouse is still full of all the old compost although I may have to reuse it for this years compost, all my Flamboyants still need to be harvested. Still self isolation may come in useful & I may catch up hopefully, if we have any shows to attend.

 I still have 105 cutting tubers that have been in my garage that I have now bought up to the greenhouse it just gets worse, more plants that were being kept back for the British cut bloom championships. The mild winter hasnít helped much in killing off many bugs & the only way to get rid of these is put the to the sword or a size 9 boot.   




Still if nothing else & the shows are cancelled  I should have a nice bit of colour in the glasshouse.

Keep safe till next time

Phil Champion



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