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Late April

Firstly I hope everyone is safe & well in these worrying times, itís a bit of a struggle to keep motivated with the 2 major shows cancelled. Itís also a struggle to find room for all the plants, so the really small cutting tubers are staying in a 1 litre pots & will be treated as a cutting grown on just for the tuber. All the early plants are now in their 2nd pot of 2 litres, Iíve now decided that this is also going to be their final pot due to space. This 2nd pot was a 50/50 mix of my multipurpose & my John Innes No 2, a mix that I was trying hoping for a better root growth. I think I have achieved what I was hoping for & would now be very confident that the final potting into my own John Innes No2 mix would improve my growing further. The plants that were for Shrewsbury started at the beginning of March are just starting to be potted up, these were started in my own multipurpose. The plants that were for Dundee & started at the beginning of April are romping away, again in my own multipurpose super happy with the root system. As we reach the end of the month there are only about 200 plants now needing potting up although Iíve run out of 2 litre pots. Also Iím running out of room rather quickly, most of the baskets & hanging pots have all had their first stop & are all sitting on a bench for the time being, wonít be long before they will need hanging up somewhere. Next I need to decide what & how many I will flower for a display in the glasshouse. For these plants that I will flower Iím restricting them to 3 litre pots due to lack of space, there will be a few selected to grow on in my normal 4 litre final pots but it will be a few. I will have a closer look at the seedlings I have kicking about this year so there could be some that might make the grade. 

 Bye for now keep safe. 

Regards Phil




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