The National Begonia Society


Saturday 2nd. & Sunday 3rd. August  2008.      Portchester Parish Hall.
Judges:  Alan Harris & Andrew MacDougall

   The 35th. South Coast Area Show turned out to be one of our best shows in recent years. With 40 pots, 133 blooms, 6 non-tuberous and 4 hanging pots entries were well up on last year. The only downside was the small number of Intermediate and Novice entries.
   Dave Coates proved himself a true Champion yet again by virtually sweeping the board in the Open Classes.

The hall
Ready for judging.

The 3 Pot Classes
 5 entries.

Alan Harris & Andrew MacDougall

The Cut-bloom Classes.

Non-tuberous & Pot Classes.

Display & Cut-bloom Classes.

12 Cut-blooms - 1st.
Dave Coates

12 Cut-blooms - 2nd.
Bill Squibb

12 Cut-blooms - 3rd.
John Chiswell

6 Cut-blooms - 1st.
Dave Coates

6 Cut-blooms - 2nd.
Bill Squibb

6 Cut-blooms - 3rd.
Phil Champion

3 Pot Open - 1st.
Dave Coates

3 Pot Open - 2nd.
Brian Simmons

3 Pot Open - 3rd.
Bill Squibb

1 Pot Open - 1st.
Dave Coates

1 Pot Open - 2nd.
Bill Squibb

1 Pot Open - 3rd.
Brian Simmons

1 Pot Non-tuberous - 1st.
Bill Squibb

1 Pot  Non-tuberous - 2nd.
Mrs Christine Simmons

1 Pot non-tuberous 3rd.
Dave Coates

Best Pot -
Mrs E. McLauchlan.
Dave Coates

Best Cut-bloom -
Fred Martin.
Dave Coates

Show Champion with Best Pot.
Dave Coates

Pictures & report by the Editor

12 Cut-blooms Open   4 entries
1st.  Gypsy x 3,  Falstaff x 2,  Nichola Coates,  Joyce Mihullka,  Coppelia,  John Harrison,  Moonlight,  Fred Martin,  Sweet Dreams.

2nd. Gypsy,  Emily Rose,  Pauline Coates,  John Harrison x 2,  Coppelia,  Joyce Mihulka,  Sweet Dreams x 2,  Nichola Coates,  Sunrise,  Whispers.

3rd.  Powder Puff,  Beverly B x 2,  Roy Hartley x 2,  Angela Jane,  Isobel Keenan,  Sylvia Johnston,  Joyce Mihulka,  Tequila Sunrise,  Westlawn Tango,  Helen Jessica.

6 Cut-blooms Open   5 entries.
1st.   Pauline Coates,  Emily Rose,  Joyce Hihulka,  John Harrison,  Coppelia,  Beryl Rhodes.

2nd.  Nichola Coates x 2,  Emily Rose,  Fantasia,  John Harrison,  Coppelia.

3rd.  Coppelia,  George McCormick,  Rachel Ann,  Whispers,  Mrs E McLauchlan,  Fred Martin.

3 Cut-blooms Open   6 entries.
1st.  Elsie Catterall x 2, Sylvia Johnston.

2nd.  Gypsy,  Falstaff,  Beryl Rhodes.

3rd.  Anniversary,  Whispers,  Judy Langdon.

1 Cut-bloom Open  8 entries

1st.  Fred Martin (best bloom).

2nd.  Sweet Dreams.

3rd.  Powder Puff.

3 Pots Open   5 entries.

1st.  Mrs E McLauchlan  x 2 (best pot),  Powder Puff.

2nd.  Geoff Bizley x 3.

3rd.  Mandalay,  John Harrison,  Seedling.

1 Pot Open   4 entries.

1st.  Mrs E McLauchlan.

2nd.  Powder Puff.

3rd.  Apricot Delight.

1 Pot & 1 Cut-bloom, same variety,  Open   5 entries

1st.   Seedling.

2nd.  Lancelot.  

3rd.  John Harrison.

2 Pots Restricted Open   3 entries.

1st.  Geoff Bizley,  Joyce Mihulka.

2nd.  Geoff bizley,  Whispers.

3rd.  Vera Coates,  Sugar Candy.

1 Pot Reatricted Open   5 entries.

1st.  Mrs E McLauchlan

2nd.  Geoff Bizley.

3rd.  Gypsy.

1 Pot Non-tuberous Open   6 entries.

1st.   Fireworks

2nd.  Tiger.

3rd.   Rex