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 A few pictures of this year's Show by Danny Davies

3 Cut Blooms - 1st.
Derek Bonner

6 Cut Blooms - 1st.
Derek Bonner
Best cut bloom Falstaff back left.

1 Cut Blooms - 2nd.
Derek Bonner

Best Pot Plant.
Ian Rhys Williams

3 Pot Plants Foliage - 1st.
Ian Rhys Williams

2 Pot - 2nd.
Danny Davies

  This year as usual, Dorothy and I visited our friends down at Bideford to support the South West Area Show.
  We knew that three key exhibitors' would be absent- John Chiswell, Lakin Earl, Dave Payne and Wally.
The absentees we thought, would result in the number of exhibits being down from the previous year.
  Dorothy and I packed the car with as many exhibits that we could safely cram into the rear of my car, without causing damage.
  The Journey from South Wales takes over four hours on a good day. Dorothy and I, were exhibiting pots of Rex, thus we travelled down on the Saturday afternoon, prior to the Sunday, when the Show was to be held at the Pannier Market.
  On arrival, Gary and Joy Dando were there too. They too, were able to travel down on the Saturday.
  Derek Bonner, Danny and Anne Davies, had decided to journey down early on the Sunday morning of the Show. Derek in particular had to journey earlier that morning, as he was exhibiting cut blooms. They needed to be as fresh as possible.
  Gary and Joy stayed at the same hotel as Dorothy and I on the Saturday night. We enjoyed an evening meal together and of course a few drinks of 'lemonade' well in to the early hours- to help us sleep.
  Early the next morning, we arrived at the Pannier Market. Derek and Danny had arrived early. No traffic problems on the motorway at 5 AM.
  Derek had already staged his blooms. His Six Board was the best he'd staged previously and I knew that his Six Board would probably take the Red Card. Ken Davis too, had made the long journey and he displayed two excellent Six Boards. however, on the day, Derek's Board was hard to beat.
  Chad Stone in the Three Pot Class, had two lovely pots of Beryl Rhodes, which this year due to the high light levels grew shorter than usual, as it can grow very tall in most years. His other pot of Vera Coates was also a quality pot.
  In the Two Pot Class, Dave Elliot took the Red Card. He used a seedling as one of his pots, which drew attention and which Dave had exhibited for the first time last year.Danny Davies too, managed to exhibit some quality pots in the same class. His pots of Helena and also a Seedling, caught the eye in particular the seedling, a Sport from Nichola Coates. I know that John Hamilton used the Sport in his display at Ayr this year. Danny's other pot Helena also makes an excellent cut bloom and is a good all rounder. Jim Mihulka has used Helena for several years as a banker in the British Championship Nine Pot Class at Ayr, for several years.
  Dave Elliot, Chad Stone, Danny Davies, Mike Avis, Tony Willoughby and Andy Ankers managed to fill the benches with some excellent exhibits.
  Dorothy and I were pleased that we were able to support the Show. Our Rexes travelled well, with only slight damage. Even Rexes suffer from long journeys. None the less, I was pleased that they were awarded a number of first prizes.
  Gary and Joy Dando, too, contributed massively to the resounding success of the Show. They have a large van, which enables them to carry a large amount of exhibits to a Show.
  The variety and colour range of their different cultivars that were staged by both were outstanding. Gary and Joy's exhibits were a joy to see. They are loyal supporters' of the Bideford Show and their presence was appreciated by all.
  It was a joy once more to have attended the South West Area Show, which has improved year on year. Congratulations for an excellent Show!!
  Last but not least, Andrew McDougall, also travelled a very long way to Judge the Show and did an excellent job as Judge. Everyone remarked that they were pleased with the manner in which he judged all exhibits, especially his in-depth knowledge of the Rex, Foliage and Species Classes.

  Many thanks to Danny Davies for providing the photos which he took on his phone camera. I took lots, unfortunately, when they were downloaded and saved onto the computer, they were lost, as well as those photos taken at Shrewsbury. These things happen.

Ian Rhys Williams