The National Begonia Society


Another successful show judged by Andrew MacDougall, albeit the entries were down. However, the quality was in some cases exceptional and there were some interesting new varieties on show.
One reason the numbers were down was that regrettably Ian Rhys Williams exhibits, although benched, had to be removed at the last minute, as Ian was taken ill and had to return to South Wales. Thanks for coming Ian and glad you have recovered.
To compensate we had two new exhibitors, David Heskins, Hucclecote, Gloucester and Derek Skinner from Torrington, North Devon.  It is hoped they enjoyed the experience and we will see them extend their entries in future years. It was pleasing that a new class, introduced two year ago, single stem with no side shoots, dedicated to the late Don Dewey,  attracted the largest entry, twelve.

This was the 51st year of the Bideford Show, now under the auspices of Bideford Gardening Club and Mike Avis has managed all the shows, as well as the NBS show since its incorporation into the main event.  There was a montage of pictures on display in Pannier Market hall recording the history of the show. Well done Mike.
Mike runs this show the week after masterminding the
National Show at Shrewsbury.  As a result we are considering a change but this would be linked to other shows for NBS.
Finally, with the members going to considerable trouble and travelling great distances, there would be no show without the stalwart members who continue to support the show.  Well done to you all.

                                                                                                                                                                  Basil Billinger


Class 1 - 3 Pots

Class 2 - 2 Pots

Class 3 - 1 Pot  &  Best Pot

Class 4 - 1 Pot Restricted

Class 5 - 1 Pot Restricted
no side shoots

Class 6 - 1Pot, 1 Cut Bloom

Class 8 - 1 Pot Fibrous

Class 9 - 1 Pot Rex

Class 10 - 1 Pot
Cane Stemmed

Class 11 - Pot
any other type

Class 11 - Pot
any other type

Class 12 1 Pot Flowering
and 1 Pot Foliage

Class 13 1 Pot

Class 14 - 3 Pots

Class 14 - 3
Pots Foliage

Class 15 - 3 Pots

Class 16 - Basket Pendula

Best Cut Bloom in Show

Class 17  1 Cut Bloom Novice

Class 17  1 Cut Bloom Novice

Class 18 6 Cut Blooms

Class 18 6 Cut Blooms

Class 19 3 Cut Blooms

Class 19 3 Cut Blooms

Class 20 1 Cut Bloom

Best Pot Plant, NBS Bronze Medal & Rosette   Chad Stone
 Jessica Wright
Best Cut Bloom, NBS Bronze Medal & Rosette
John Chiswell
 Lindsey Murray

Best Exhibit, The South West Begonia Rose
Bowl Chad Stone
Best Cut Bloom Exhibit (Cecil Gammon Memorial Trophy)
John Chiswell,
Most Points, The Begonia Trophy
 Gary Dando 
Best Exhibit Class 5 (Don Dewey Memorial Trophy)
Lakin Earl.

Class 20 1 Cut Bloom

Pictures and Report by Basil Billinger