The National Begonia Society


2014 Diary

Stephen Jones



   7th May. Fig 1 shows plants potted into their 10” pots with several not quite ready for their final move. I have put three canes into these large pots ready to train the stems and guide them were I need them once they are a bit taller .Protectors have been fitted to the tall canes while some of the canes are a bit short these can be changed for longer if required when plants have got some height . After selecting shoots hopefully facing the correct direction the unwanted shoots have been removed and inserted in multipurpose mixed with sharp sand 50 /50 mix . Fig 2. I have placed these under the bench and if they root can be used for new plants/tubers for next year. Fig 2 also shows the small cutting tubers and the others which have grown on well and have been potted into 5” pots and I will grow these to produce tubers for next year. I still have some cutting tubers just coming through and will pot these on when required. Last year the Central section of the Begonia Society visited Vibrex Nursery in Warwickshire and whilst walking round noticed I they had several cuttings per pot so that’s what I have done and only one label is then required at this stage . I am keeping an eye on my single stem plants for the restricted class and have potted some of them into their final 7” pots. On a couple of single stem plants I have started to remove some flower buds.
   This year at the National I want to enter the class with a cut bloom and a pot plant so I will have to decide what plants to use for this and fix some sort of label so I don’t forget for what they are being grown.
   A quick report on a few things mentioned in last month’s diary. The re-potted maples have gone outside Fig 3 and appear to be growing well this move giving the Broad beans and peas in the greenhouse more room and should be picking in a few weeks. The tomatoes look ok with the first truss starting to set .
   14th May Fig 4 shows the centre bench with the 10” pots the side bench with the 7 “pots restricted and the end with last year’s cuttings all growing well. I have a few more plants to move into the 7”& 10” pots when their ready..
   22nd May. I still have some cutting tubers coming through and pot these on as required. All other plants are now in their final pots 10” for the multi-stemmed and 7” for the restricted class Fig 5. As soon as I pick the peas and beans I will install my temporary staging and get the 7” pots moved out as space is getting a bit tight as you can see. There are about 30 plants in 7” pots for cut blooms and restricted classes and 20 potted in 10” for the multi stemmed classes. I don’t think I will try growing any more veg in the 10ft x 8 ft green house as I would have liked to have moved all the plants in the 7” pots out of the large house by now. Not sure if I will get 30 x 7” pots in the 10 x 8 I will soon find out. The peas and beans should be picked soon as their progress can be seen from Fig 6 and Fig 7. We had a picking on 24th May which I enjoyed with some new potatoes and bacon. Fig 8 shows the tomatoes doing well and I have started to feed these.
   It’s getting warmer outside as well as in the green house with the fish feeding well Fig 9. Although, as we know fishes immune system starts slower than parasites these become active early in the season. I did have a problem with parasites which I needed to treat the water several times with Malachite and formalin. At present all is well but keeping in mind not feeding too much as at this time of year the filter system can easily be overloaded causing ammonia levels to rise giving even more problems. Regular checking of pond water quality is a good way to keep on top of things.
   Whilst speaking to Terry Carr last weekend regarding Shrewsbury Flower Show he commented that I had missed at the Central Area meeting which I was unable to attend on the 10th May a very funny interesting talk.