The National Begonia Society

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Class 1 3 Pots D/T Begonias, unrestricted
1st  L. Earl.  Roy Hartley, Apricot Delight and Angela Jane
2nd  M. Avis. Isobel Keenan, First Love and Angela Jane

Class 2 2 Pots D/T Begonias, unrestricted
1st  M. Avis.  First Love, Krakatoa

Class 3 1 Pot D/T Begonia, unrestricted
1st L. Earl - Apricot Delight
3rd M. Avis - Sweet Dreams

Class 4 1 Pot D/T Begonia single stem, side shoots permitted
1st W. Stone. Jennifer Wilson
2nd L. Earl.  Sugar Candy
3rd  D. Davis.   Daisy Trinder

Class 5 - 1 Pot D/T Begonia  no side shoots
1st L. Earl. Vera Coates
2nd G. Dando.  Beryl Spurr
3rd  G. Dando.   Beverley B

Class 6 - 1 Pot D/T Begonia & 1 bloom
1st  W. Lloyd.  Sugar Candy and Can Can
2nd  M. Avis.  Kookaburra and Fiona Ramsey 

Class 7 1 Pot D/T Begonia Novice only
1st  D. Davis.  Fair Maid of Perth
2nd  D. Davis.  John Harrison

Class 8 1 Pot Fibrous
1st  A. Ankers.  Solenint

Class 9 1 Pot Begonia Rex
1st I. R. Williams. Rochart
2nd G. Dando.  Hot Stuff
3rd  D. Williams.   Tiger Paws

Class 10 1 Cane-stemmed Begonia
1st  A. Ankers. Acbo-Picta

Class 11 1 Pot Begonia, any other type
1st  W. Stone.  Glowing Embers
2nd  L. Earl.  Cottage Red
3rd  G. Dando.  Glowing Embers

Class 12 1 Pot Flowering and 1 Pot Foliage
1st  G. Dando.  Ice Mint and Lukurian
2nd  G. Dando.  Madam Richard Galle and Beni Choma
3rd  A. Willoughby.   Rocheart and Powder Puff

Class 13 1 Pot Foliage
1st  G. Dando.  Paloma Faith
2nd  G. Dando.   Bethlehem Star
3rd  L. Earl.  Tapestry 

Class 14 3 Pots Foliage
1st  G. Dando. Spider Man, Iron Stone and Summer Maid
2nd  A. Willoughby.   2 x Black Lace and NK
3rd  G. Dando.  Elegance, Baroness and NK

Class 15 3 Pots multi-flowering
1st G. Dando.  2 x Bonfire and Rocky White
2nd G. Dando.  2 x Devotion and Rocky White
3rd A. Ankers.  Waterfall, Flamboyant Boliviensis Yellow

Class 16 1 Hanging Basket or Pot Pendulas
1st B. Billinger.  Orange Ruffles
2nd B. Billinger.  Angel Falls
3rd A. Willoughby.  NK

Class 17 1 Bloom  - Novice
No entries

Class 18 6 Blooms D/T Begonia
1st  I. R. Williams.  Sweet Dreams x 2, Lucy Allelley, Tequila Sunrise,
 Joyce Mihulka and Falstaff.

2nd  J. Chiswell.  Ruby Young, Fantasia, Tequila Sunrise x 2, Joyce Mihulka and Millie
3rd  J. Chiswell.  Fantasia, Nichola Coates, Ruby Young, Sweet Dreams,
 Tequila Sunrise and Seedling

Class 19 3 Blooms D/T Begonias
1st  I. R. Williams.  Jennifer Wilson, Alana Hamilton and Fred Martin
2nd  J. Chiswell.  Joyce Mihulka, Sweet Dreams and Geisha Girl
3rd  I. R. Williams.  Tom Brownlee, Gypsy and Margaret Mihulka

Class 20 1 Bloom D/T Begonia
1st K Davis.  Seedling
2nd J Chiswell.  Sweet Dreams
3rd J Chiswell.   Mrs E MacLaughlan


Best Pot Plant, NBS Bronze Medal & Rosette Chad Stone, Jennifer Wilson, Class 4

Best Cut Bloom, NBS Bronze Medal & Rosette John Chiswell, Ruby Young, Class18

Best Exhibit, The South West Begonia Rose Bowl Lakin Earl,  Class 1

Best Cut Bloom Exhibit, Cecil Gammon Memorial Trophy Ian Rhys Williams, Class 18

Most Points, The Begonia Trophy Gary Dando.

Best Exhibit Class 5 (Don Dewey Memorial Trophy) Lakin Earl.

 Results by Basil Billinger